Human resource Management & Recruitment

  • Technical and Management Consultant Orissa Forest Sector Support Project under IPR 2001 (DFID), 2006-08

  • Human resource recruitment for Bihar Rural Livelihood Project (World Bank), 2012

  • Preparation of HR Policy and Human Resources Management Manual for Project TRIPTI, Orissa Poverty Reduction Mission / World Bank, 2009

  • Human Resources Management and Capacity Building Institution Consultancy for Bihar Panchayat Strengthening Project, 2009-10

  • Human resource recruitment for Women and Child Welfare Department, 2011-12

  • Design of Selection Process, Recruitment and Management of SSNP Consultants, OPERP Phase II 2007-08

  • Recruitment and Deployment of SIO Manager, MLIPI Consulting, DoWR, GoO